Sunday, 18 January 2015

GAC Lunched a New Brand

GAC Lunched a New Brand (GS5)

Recently in Lagos Nigeria GAC Motors (The world's Vehicle) lunched a New brand of Vehicles into Nigeria market, Ruggedboots Production was there as a media partner for the event.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015



The first edition of a TV Drama series (ME and MY NEIGHBOUR) audition kicks off on 12th January and already fans are asking…when will this production start?  

Who will find their names and their faces gracing the series? 
Who will become the subject of drive time TV and just who will find themselves trending on all social media platforms?  

Ruggedboots Production has always been associated with nurturing and recognizing talents from around the country; and ME and MY NEIGHBOUR is one of the TV series that a lot of fans are looking forward to seeing on TV? 

ME and MY NEIGHBOUR will be viewed on cable and local TV stations across the Nation after the production.


see some of the audition pictures below:

Sunday, 11 January 2015


SWINGS Releases on-line on or before February 14,  2015

Swings is a short film: a production of Ruggedboots

It's a story of Deceit, Love,  Relationship and Friendship.

Sade discovers a long secret about her boyfriend Deji in the process to reveal her own secret.
Swings features JUDITH Audu, LAMIDE Akin-Balogun, STEVE Azuikpe and SAYO Aluko

The film will be released free online on or before February 14th 2015

Swings is Produced and Directed by Sayo Aluko.

Watch Swings Here

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ruggedboots Production starts a TV Magazine Programme In FEBRUARY 

THE PEARL SHOW’ is a personality profile TV talk 
show conceptualized to transform and inspire women more positively through a Chronicle of the day to day life of women who have excelled in their various fields of Endeavour thereby celebrating them and womanhood in general, to further bring about a global appreciation of the feminine gender.

The show features a segment of a short video footage of
highlights of certain individuals when appearing as
special guests on the programme at a time, show casing
their distinctiveness either on the home front or at the
work place to bring out their success stories

It also features an interview segment with the
same special guest which is usually recorded in the

On the show, other segments include short feature
stories on striking sensational topics relating to
womanhood, women in history and articles.

THE PEARL SHOW’ is a weekly broadcast talk
show. It appeals to contemporary women of all
ages irrespective of religion, social status,

tribe, creed, race and qualification.

The name PEARLS refers to a set of small round
white objects that form in an Oyster (shellfish) and
is a valuable jewel.
This substance which forms in a certain shellfish is
very colorful and is often used to make objects look
They are also valued as gemstones and as objects of
beauty for many centuries. In further reference,
the word pearl has become a metaphor for something very
rare, fine, admirable, and valuable.
In the old fashioned English language the word PEARL is
used to refer to someone or something that is especially
good or valuable, hence the choice of name for such a

programme that celebrates women; ‘THE PEARL SHOW’

BEULAH MARSHALL, an English language degree
holder from the prestigious University of Calabar,
Nigeria, is a veteran broadcaster with several
years of experience in radio and television as a
 Her vast knowledge and professionalism earned her
a right place as the Anchor and Presenter of a
Programme  demanding great intuitive and
creative ingenuity such as ‘THE PEARL SHOW’.

She is happily married to a fellow veteran

broadcaster Marshall Ononye, who doubles as 
her Manager.

THE PEARL SHOW’, is solely a production of
Ruggedboots productions (a privately registered media
production company), situated in Lagos metropolis.

With the state-of-the-art facility and skilled manpower,
Ruggedboots has earned its rightful place amongst top
independent production outfits in the production of
reality TV shows, film productions and soap operas,
talk shows, advertisements, documentaries and musical
productions with Sayo Aluko as the Director of the show.

To ensure all round efficiency and consistency,
which a production such as ‘THE PEARL
SHOW’ requires, Groove Media Concepts has been empowered to provide essential conceptual and logistic functions.
Groove Media Concepts is a registered trade

mark of Groove Concepts International.

Considering the targeted reach and audience
of the TV talk show, after several consultations
and intense investigation, giving its place in
the international viewership rating cable satellite  DSTV is partnering
the pearl show
However, several terrestrial TV stations are Galaxy Television, MITV and TVC

As stated initially, individuals to make it on our guest list
are female personalities that have excelled in their
various fields of Endeavour and have been distinguished
in life and has a story to tell.

They include women that have been involved in works of
charity or philanthropist, patriotic women that have
helped in shaping the history of a place or nation,
celebrity role models, female activists, female Leaders
distinguished ladies in general (worth celebrating).

In complimenting the old saying, “behind every
successful man is a woman” or better said, “in front of
every successful woman is a man”

If the need arises for the consideration of a male
guest to better showcase certain female guests
and/or in complimenting them, there would not be
any hesitation to do so especially on the request of
our primary guest.
In the light of this, it is also worthy of note that
there are some men that have been utmost
instruments in the promotion of the female gender.
These kind of men can be given a privilege to be
hosted on the show particularly for the purpose of
highlighting that area of interest that relates to the
female folks.

Watch out In February...

Ruggedboots Production in conjunction with red ark media Produced an amazing Short Film
Savior with BEST OKODUWA

The new movie, titled ‘Saviour’ was written and directed by Best Okoduwa as his first offering in 2015.

 ‘Saviour was borne out of my passion for a better Nigeria. Saviour is a short-film that aims to change mostly young Nigerians to consciously participate in the leadership selection process that is; election process in Nigeria. it emphasizes on the inevitable essence of voting, the actual story mirrors the life of an average Nigerian young couple and how the event of bad Governance and leadership destroyed their life forever. Almost no one noticing, I mean no that matters, and this film will be released free on-line on or before January 20, 2015.’ 

The movie features fast rising and award winning actresses like Judith Audu, Stan Nze, Lord Frank, Bukky Aluko, Aaron Sunday and a host of others.... 

Produced by Sayo Aluko & Bukki Aluko.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Memories from the set of @sayoaluko short film ‪#‎swing‬ had so much fun shooting on this set!!! #swing

Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Film; Savior

Best Okoduwa is a film maker and his latest film SAVIOR was borne out of my passion for a better Nigeria. Savior is a short-film that aims to change every  and mostly young Nigerians to consciously participate in the leadership selection process that is; election process in Nigeria.

It emphasizes on the inevitable essence of voting. The actual story mirrors the life of an average Nigerian young couple and how the event of bad Governance and leadership destroyed their life forever almost no one noticing. i mean no that matters. and this film will be released free on-line on or before 20th of January 2015.

Savior features fast rising and Award winning Judith Audu, Stan Nze, Lord Frank, Bukky Aluko, Aaron Sunday and a host of others. 

Partnered with REDARK Media and Ruggedboots to produce this film. 


Written and Directed Best Okoduwa 

See Trailer; 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Judith Audu

Just shot my first movie of the year! ‪#‎Swing‬ a short film by @sayosade Thank you very much Oga Sayo…
Judith Audu

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