Monday, 29 February 2016

New Music Alert : OluwaShalom In Eledumare

“House One Music recording artist OluwaShalom, is out with her first official single ‘Eledumare‘ from her debut album which is also titled ‘Eledumare’.
OluwaShalom (@oluwa_shalom) like her label mate Naomi Mac (@thenaomimac) is a powerful singer, songwriter, and also past contestant and finalist of a music reality TV show, Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt. Olorunfemi Shalom hails from Kogi state Nigeria, works professionally as a vocal coach and also keeps busy when not doing music with her hobbies as a flourist and fabric Jeweler.

The song “Eledumare” which is already enjoying airplay on some of the top radio stations in Nigeria, was produced by Rotimi Keys, and Mastered by Paul Cox (USA). The Eledumare Album which is scheduled to be released in March this year, features collaborations from Naomi Mac, Onos Ariyo, Mike Abdul, Dr Lester Lewis (Jamica) and Lolade, all creatively put together a fantastic musical experience in a 13 track master piece.

According to Femi “Bricks” Amida Chairman of House One Music and Executive producer of the album, ‘Eledumare’ is a physical musical experience of a divine reality which we hope will make an impact in our generation and beyond.

Please Download, Enjoy and Share this Lovely tunes thank you.”

"OMOBAORUN" 20Years on Stage, Album and Musical Equipment Launch in April

"OMOBAORUN" is a gifted singer and he has put that to use within the past 20 years to become a trio of things – Minister, Entertainer, Statesman.

His latest album echoes these distinctive personalities in which he would rather be classified, a polychromatic musical existence, utilized in classification of his music, guiding his every thought, beat, touch, and vocal.

From the 10th of April, 2016 Lagosians and in deed Nigerians at large would begin to experience a new dimension in music and stage performance. This is as Omobaorun is set to bring to gospel enthusiasts and christian faithfuls his 20th years on stage with DeEAGLE ENTERTAINMENT which sources have revealed would be brought to its live audience in a very different, dynamic and colourful way.

Guests are expected to start arriving the
Classic Events Place, Oregun Ikeja, Lagos, venue for the 20years on stage, Album and musical equipment launch of DeEagle entertainment at 1:00pm (prompt) while the stage lights come on and the drums roll at exactly 2:00pm on Sunday 10th of April 2016. 

Come experience Lekan Ogunyinka(Omobaorun) and live music performances like never before as he's ready to lift participants to a unique level of intimacy with their Maker with the mastery delivery of some of his hit tracks.

Multimedia services would be provided in partnership with RUGGEDBOOTS PRODUCTION.

Movie Alert: "Shampaign" A Political Drama Serie By Sparrow Productions Coming To Silverbird Cinemas

"Shampaign" An entrancing political drama series coming soon to Silverbird Cinemas, Directed by Ghanaian award winning filmmaker Shirley Frimpong-Manso.

Shampaign" is a political drama series that follows the unruly lives of a young political campaign team
who work tirelessly to make political history by getting a single mother elected as the first female
President of the Country whiles dealing with their own personal demons.

The Drama series stars John Dumelo, Jot Agyeman, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Joselyn Dumas, Nana Aba Anamoah, Fred Amugi, Zynnell Zuh, Akorfa Adjeani-Asiedu, Anima Amisa Amoah
Watch trailer Here:

“Wives On Strike” Watch Omoni Oboli, Uche Jombo, Chioma Akpotha, Keneth Okonkwo in Hilarious Trailer

Nollywood actress and director, Omoni Obolihas released the official trailer of her new movie set to premiere in April 2016 “Wives On Strike”

Wives on Strike, is a hilarious comedy about a group of market women who decided to take matters into their own hands against their husbands in a bid to stir them into standing up for a young girl whom they wanted to protect from the wishes of her own father. The women, who hilariously interpret their roles, set a series of events in motion to give the movie many moments of laughter without missing a beat on the reason for everyone to know why they are on strike.

The movie features Nollywood talents, Uche Jombo, Chioma Akpotha, Ufuoma Mcdermott, Kehinde Bankole, Kalu Ikeagwu, Julius Agwu, Kenneth Okonkwo and many others.

Watch the trailer below.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Success Story "OLAJUMOKE" The Workings Of God by Muyiwa Art-Bhadmos

I choose to identify with this success story, the workings of God. 

In this days of high of dollar rise, there's also a high rise of fame. It may seem oblique but the reality is here. 

In a moment of economic recession, endorsements are just rolling in by the day. Even companies feel they can do more.

So many has toiled and struggled for stardom, jumping from one door to the other with pleas of been enfranchised, but just from the blues comes an over-night sensation that captures our elitist minds. An astonishing God-made dignified celebrity. 

She may not have wanted it. She probably never dreamt for this magnitude of accolade, but restored, recaptured, retraced and reinstated is a lost but found glory. 

Olajumoke is a story that has captured the public's imagination, gracing covers of magazines and tabloids. Walking the ways of great run-way fashion models. Signing the papers scribbled by moguls in the economic and financial industry. 
She is our very on "Slumdog millionaire".

Many has said so much about her sudden emergence but I stand to say 'it's just God'. An over-night miracle you may call it but I dare you argue that God was in it all the way. 
Some may say she was fortunate. Some say it’s a coincidence. Some have even wished they fall vindicated in such manner, hence the new trend of fine-looking Agege bread sellers out there now (lol). But I choose to look unto the bright side.
The bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:11 I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all (NIV) then I say opportunities without preparation (mindset) equals wastage. 

 At this point I have my questions:
What if Olajumoke woke up that morning with a simple and meaningful confession of breakthrough? As God said to Moses by the burning bush; what if her cries of suffering (omije) has been heard by God and her cup of blessing is now full to be visited? What if she had sown a seed with meekness unknowingly at a particular juncture of her life? What if her mother's prayers were beginning to manifest? What if her lowly and meek nature directed her steps to the right place at the right time?

Imagine the pressures she has gone through in life, the type you thought she has gotten used to. Imagine what took her form Osun state to Lagos; domestic matters that pronged her relationship with her hubby, hence my reason for saying she is a “Breadseller turned Breadwinner”. Imagine the competitive attacks she could have had hawking her bread from streets to streets and harassments from fellow hawkers that could have followed. Imagine when she had sat down by a street corner to sub over not having sold well enough for the day to feed herself and her baby. Imagine when she cried all night to experience a shift from her present form. Imagine, just imagine….
We were not there at this times, but God who sees in the dark knows how to reward in the open.

So before you judge her, before you put blame on what God is doing in her life, before you develop a thick skin against her success, learn from her meekness. Learn from her submissive nature. Learn from the abundance of glory that surrounds her now. 

True beauty is deeper than the skin. A pure heart and a good spirit radiate true beauty and attract great success.
Speak a word every day to your future.
In all your ways acknowledge God. 
Prepare yourself for the best to come. You may not how, you may not know when but time and chance will happen to you also.

:Muyiwa Art-Bhadmos


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Watch Judith Audu, Ijeoma Agu, Stan Nze, Adeniyi Johnson In “Just Not Married”

 “Just Not Married” was produced by Judith Audu and Executive Producer was Morten Foght.

‘Just Not Married’ tells a story of two brothers who choose opposite paths. Victor is a recent ex-con who is trying to piece his life together while Duke is a brilliant undergraduate determined to see his mum live. Duke enlists the help of his two friends in stealing cars by decorating the cars and pretending to be married. Despite some unforeseen hiccups their operation was pretty successful until people got greedy and violent.

The Movie stars Stan Nze, Roland Obutu, Rotimi Salami, Brutus Richard, Perpetua Adefemi, Judith Audu, Ijeoma Agu, Gregory Ojefua, Dayo Davies, Adeniyi Johnson, Bucci Franklyn, Eric Nwanso, Seun Afolabi, L.A.S.E, Jordan Igbinoba, 16 Oniru, Vanessa Kanu and more.

Watch the trailer Here.

"Beautiful Ruins," Premiering on March 18, at the Silverbird cinemas Accra

"Beautiful Ruins," The upcoming movie Written, produced and directed by Eddie Nartey is set to premiere this March.

The movie tells the story of the beauty in struggle, and the complications of living a borrowed life. "Beautiful Ruins," stars Christabel Ekeh, John Dumelo, Fred Amugi, Eddie Nartey, Peter Ritchie, Selly Galley, Umar Krupp, Foster Romanus and Eva Danso.

Premiering on March 18, at the Silverbird cinemas Accra mall and Westhills mall, the movie will have its first screening by 6:30 pm, followed by the second at 8:00 pm.

Watch trailer Here:

Monday, 22 February 2016

"The Inheritors" by Wole Oguntokun live at Terra Kulture

The upcoming play produced by Adeshine Koncepts is part of the performances billed for the forthcoming Lagos theatre festival.

This play 'The Inheritors" set in a contemporary wealthy Nigerian family is a story of a family torn apart by greed and selfishness. It highlights the evil kin can inflict on each other when money, ambition and personal gain come into the picture. The Inheritors is a must watch, a sound reminder that even the bonds of family can wither in the presence of greed.

The Lagos theatre festival is organized by the British Councilin Nigeria. It was first launched in 2012, was born out of the need to create professional exchange opportunities between the Nigerian and British theatre makers.

Time: 7PM
Ticket Price: N3,000
Date: Friday February 26, 2016
Venue: Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage Victoria Island Lagos

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Olajumoke Orisaguna's First Fashion Shoot on Valentine’s Day by Kunbi Oyelese.

Olajumoke Orisaguna, has become a sensation all over the world and to launch that, she partook in a photoshoot with style directions by Nigerian female apparel brand, April by Kunbi.

For her first ever fashion shoot, she didn’t do badly at all! Thanks to Damilola from her agency @fewmodels for giving her tips on poses and expression. This is just the beginning. It’s no news that Olajumoke’s story literally broke the internet last week, and we were reminded about how amazing God’s grace is and that he’s still in the business of turning lives around and blessing us.

The shoot which will be featured on CNN is her first paying modeling Job for the brand run by Olakunbi Oyelese.
Frank Ugah was the director of Photography while Christine Signatures was in charge of the 27-year-old’s makeup.

See pictures from the shoot below.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Church Sound: Four Elements of Church Sound by Steve Aluko (Starlight Media)

Several months ago, I wrote a post on the “What goes into a church sound system”. In this next series of post I will revisit that post from a different perspective and make some new observations. Since that original post, I have had a lot of new questions put to me and, hopefully, I have learned a few things along the way. So here it goes…
True or false? “The sound system and sound people in your church is the same as in mine.”
The answer to this question seems so obvious, but the sound system in each church was designed, purchased, and installed using very deferent criteria, one from another and many sound people have learned most of their audio knowledge with the sound system they work with every week. If this system is not properly set up from the start the operator’s ability to provide good sound is immediately compromised.
There are FOUR elements to good sound in any venue or church;
1.The sound system.
2.The sound techs.
3.The room acoustics.
4.The program material (which includes the instrument quality, the talent of the musicians, and the arrangement of the songs).

Let’s go through these one by one to see the reality.
Most sound systems in contemporary churches were set up in one of four ways.
1. Components were donated from a band or sound company that is no longer together or in need of the gears and their sound man comes over, sets up the system, and in 15 minutes dispenses all his knowledge about how the system works. 
This meeting usually ends with him saying “Good luck!” and GBAM! the church has a sound system. Note that generally none of the microphones for the worship singers are the same model or even the same brand and the system does not have any way or means to optimize it, like equalization (except on the channels of the mixer, which are only fixed high, mid, and low). Rereading this, I stand by the brutal reality….
2. The music Director browse over industry magazines or websites then takes a fateful trip down to the local music store where he or she buys not what they want, but whatever the store has in stock because “there just isn’t any more time” or the budget does not permit.
3. The pastor or a well-meaning church member picks a sound company or contractors online and has them bid a system based not on what will work for the church, but the budget. Usually in this scenario the music director and the existing sound tech guys are not once consulted, but expected to operate with this system and perform flawlessly at the next service. 
This goes for the entire church building process, the first building is build on BUDGET and the second is built on PURPOSE.
4. One or two of the sound team members persuade the Pastor and technical committee members to buy the equipment, usually out of a catalogue or on the internet, hanging speakers wherever and using microphone cable from their favorite consumer electronics stores in the market. This system never works correctly but everyone is afraid to admit it.
Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? It has been my experience that all of these methods start out with the best intentions in mind, but end up causing friction and frustration in the music ministry, not to mention inadequate sound. I once remembered that a Pastor called his music ministry “The War Department.”
This is the most sensitive and important part of the sound system. People are the deciding factor in the sound equation. Most people that volunteer for the sound ministry at church have a great heart of service. They are content to be behind the scenes and never be mentioned.
They spend long hours at rehearsals and practices for worship, concerts, drama, women’s conferences, choir anniversaries, youth rallies and the like. They are also faithful to be at church, usually before anyone else to set up the stage, and the last ones to leave.
They are the unofficial information center to direct people to the toilets, lost and found, and the nursery. Most of the time no one tells them when they have done a good job but they are the first to hear about any problems, and not by one person but everyone that passes by the sound booth. 
The sound person is blamed for many things including, but not limited to:
Singers who are flat, sing the wrong words, or don’t know the words at all;
Bass players who unplug during the prayer session or before their channel is muted;
Guitar players whose amps mysteriously get louder and louder during worship;
Or Pastors who put a cable knit sweater over their lapel mic and wonder why they can’t be heard.
Make no mistake about it, volunteer sound techs are the unsung heroes of the church. The truth of the matter is that most sound techs are professionals who work hard all week at their ‘real job’ and then serve in the sound ministry at night and on the weekend. 
Because of this, most people come into the sound ministry with a willing heart but not very much knowledge about music, sound or sound systems. This lack of knowledge breeds either the ‘tweeker’ who is always turning knobs but doesn’t really know what changes are being made or the ‘petrified rock’ who never touches anything on the mixer because they are afraid of messing something up. 
Both of these make for a challenging service and, most of all, lead to a VERY frustrated Pastor-worship leader-band-etc relationship. This also leads to burn out on the volunteers part, because it creates stress and frustration on their part, as well.
This is an area that plagues most churches because little attention is given to it while the building is being built.
Not all, but many of the building contractors that I have worked with over the years do not really understand acoustics in relation to the literal structure of the room.
Many only seem to care how if the building will pass code and how the design will look in their portfolio. Let me say that I have worked with some great contractors that really “get it” but those seem to be in the minority. (Please finish the post and take a deep breath before you email me your strong disagreement with these statements.)
Like the sound system itself, room acoustics become a big concern when the first service comes around. Most “good” rooms are designed that way from the beginning. A room can be “fixed” to a certain extent, after the fact, with acoustic paneling, bass traps, and decorative wall treatments. 
Knowing how much treatment is enough for your room usually requires you to hire a qualified acoustical consultant to help you with type and placement. The room acoustics absolutely affect the ability to have good sound in a room. Remember you can’t “E.Q.” the room unless you physically change the room acoustics. Carpet, fabric covered chairs, and of course, people, can also dramatically change the way the room and the system will sound.
At most churches each musician brings their instrument of choice and the sound tech is expected to mix and equalize all and any instruments into a glorious blend of celestial music. It is a true fact that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. 
In a later article I will address the need for the Pastor/Worship Leader to set and keep a standard for musical instruments that are onstage. As your congregation grows it is likely you will want the church to own the majority of key instruments you use on a regular basis such as drums and keyboards.
The other part of the program material that can make or break the sound of your service is the singers. I realize that I am walking on glass when talking about this but it must be addressed. Which is worse: seven singers who are flat and not in key or three singers who are flat and not in key? You would be surprised at the number of worship teams where the singing was bad, and the decision was made to throw more singers at the problem, but the bad singers only threw the new singers off.
The last part of this element is the quality of musicianship on stage. This is more than just talent, the sound of your band or orchestra is also very dependent on the servant’s heart to submit to the Music Director/Worship Leader as they submit to the Senior Pastor.
Perfecting The Creativity 
These four elements are the foundations for sound in any church and they need to be addressed and incorporated into your church vision. It is very important that you never stop trying to achieve perfection in all these areas even though it may seem impossible, pressing toward that goal will constantly improve the quality of all you do at your church.
Thanks Guys and always remember to keep the creativity perfected.

Movie Alert:: Femi Jacobs And Jackie Appiah Star In New Movie, ‘Deep Fever’

The Pearl & Paris Company drops the trailer to the new romantic drama, Deep Fever.
The film is singer/actor Bobby Michaels’ first attempt at film production and judging by the trailer, it holds a lot of box office promise.
Starring AMVCA winner, Femi Jacobs, the film tells the story of a couple who must overcome the threat to their relationship after inviting friends into their home for a reunion.
Other stars on the cast list include, Monica Swaide, Funky Mallam, Jackie Appiah, Bobby Obodo, Monalisa Chinda, Bobby Michaels  among others.
It is billed to hit theatres some time this year.
Watch trailer below:

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