Wednesday, 17 August 2016

EbonyLife TV: On The Real Season One Finale

With tensions rising from Faridah’s disastrous birthday dinner party, are the gang able to pull it together for the sake of the cameras? It’s the finale of the season and coincidentally, the gang is also shooting the last episode of the reality show “The Real”.
What drama unfolds?

Faridah has a hard time trying to convince Lolu to go away with her after she planned a trip for them both. Is she able to eventually twist his arm?

Lolu lets Efosa in on the plots Auta came up with, suggestions that leave Efosa questioning Auta’s real intentions and whether she is as innocent as she tries to portray.

BJ goes to pick Amaka up from the club to accompany her to Faridah’s house. She goes to collect her belongings and in that time her phone rings. BJ answers and is left more than stunned…

Wana is at it again with her sneaky ways and in the process makes a discovery of her own.

It’s all popping off in tonight’s final episode of “On the Real” on EbonyLife TV, DStv Channel 165 at 20:30 WAT. You can also watch episode 6 and catch up on episodes 1-5 on the Accelerate TV YouTube page.

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