Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Register Now for Techpoint Innovation Tour 2017

Date: Sunday, November 5th- Sunday, November 19th, 2017.

Techpoint.ng, Nigeria’s most read media platform that focuses on technology in sub-saharan Africa recently announced its plans to continue its innovation tour. In November 2016, Techpoint.ng shut down its Lagos office for 2 weeks to go on a tour in Northern Nigeria.
Techpoint’s purpose was to scout for tech innovations and organise local events to understand the challenges innovators are facing in the region.

Some of the remarkable discoveries made include Aminu Bakori — the 20-year old whiz programmer from Kaduna, a Jos-based engineer building energy efficient equipment, an Abuja-based hardware incubator called TD4PAI and a Jos-based web hosting company with 90% of its clients in Lagos. Consequently, Techpoint found out that many needed the mind-shift and information necessary to cultivate, shape, and exploit their environmental capabilities.

This has encouraged Techpoint.ng to tell more untold stories of technological innovations across Nigeria.

Announcing Techpoint Innovation Tour 2017 (Southern Nigeria edition)

The Techpoint Innovation Tour is an annual event rotated across Nigeria and, in the coming years, major regions of Africa.

The Techpoint team will be touring 4 areas in the South-South and South-East regions of Nigeria — Anambra, Uyo, Abia and Port-Harcourt — with four primary objectives:
Discover more innovation clusters and bring the spotlight on them.
Engage developers, students and innovators.
Visit various university campuses to motivate and foster technological awareness among the youth.
Get the best startups to feature at their upcoming Techpoint Build event in Lagos.

This will amount to over 30 hours of travelling across 1,515 km, punctuated by discoveries, personality interviews, meet-ups, vox pop interviews, street campaigns, etc. Techpoint hopes to engage like-minded startups, innovators, and technology enthusiasts that are taking on the challenges of building their respective communities with the aid of technology.

However, the Techpoint team cannot achieve this on their own, they need all the help they can get to make this trip a success.

If you are interested in sponsoring, kindly get in touch via the Techpoint Innovation Tour official website or send an email to events@techpoint.ng.

If you are a startup founder, innovator, technology student, or anyone with brilliant innovations based in Port-Harcourt, Abia, Uyo, and Anambra, you can register now to be part of the local meetups.

Follow the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook via #TechpointTours.

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