Saturday, 4 November 2017

Nse Ikpe Etim Reunites With Hollywood Actor Eric Roberts For A New Action Film, "Lone Star Deception."

A new trailer for upcoming crime drama "Lone Star Deception," reunites Nse Ikpe-Etim and Oscar nominee, Eric Roberts.

Produced and cast by Nkem DenChukwu, the movie also stars Anthony Ray Parker and Emmy Award Winner, Melissa Wilson.
"Lone Star Deception" is directed by Don Okolo.

About Lone Star Deception
The die is cast, and Stuart Sagle is projected to win for the Governor's house of the State of Texas. But, on a whim, he blows that golden of a chance on a hundred-dollar whore.
With that, African-born Texan, Tim Bayh, finds himself staring down the barrel of weirdest Texas musket, in a deal too good to be true, and too palatable to resist. But this whirlwind is actually a storm of immense proportion...and Tim Bayh will either ride it to the safe house, or die trying.

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