Saturday, 4 November 2017

"Twisted" Kevwe Ogunje's TV Series Set To Debut This November

Nollywood actor Kevwe Ogunje is set to debut his new TV series “Twisted," a series that focuses on African values and culture, and HIV.

Produced by Kevwe Ogunje and Fatoumata Kande, and was written by Kande Fatoumata and Ruke Amata, the series was shot in England, Scotland, Wales and Nigeria

The series features Kevwe Ogunje, Venessa Adekole, Fatoumata Kande, N’dey Manneh, Ruke Amata, Tolu Naomi Olurebi, Daniel Sync Olusanya, Wale Ajayi, Onome Mowoe and Femi Okunnu.

"Twisted" is the story Minsa, who comes from a poor background and tries to live a decent life in the UK but finds himself trapped in the euphoria of a cheating relationship with the best friend of his rich crazy fiancé whom he has been engaged to for five years. They both live with two other tenants, each with their own unique characters, from a job seeker to a misfiring singer.

Things take a different turn when a woman comes in from Nigeria claiming to be Minsa’s wife. The series is scheduled to kick off on Vox Africa channel on Dstv channel 191, Sky 218, Gotv 17 and Canal Sat 97. 

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