Monday, 27 November 2017

Watch Mama Gee & Zack Orji In Official Movie Trailer Of "Zonal Leader"

Lexsparkles production brings to you the Zonal Leader produced by Alex Odinigwe and Chidi Umeoji directed by Vincent Chukudubem Anointed G.C.F

Deceive the heart of the naive?

She is a manipulative, domineering “command and control centre” of the church. How do you shake a preacher’s hand with your right hand and dine with the devil with your left? Find out out in this sizzling drama that will stir the consciousness of the naive.

Power-drunk women leader in the church that also harbors deceit in her heart and disguise herself with her lips. Sexual immortality swept under the carpet , scandalous activities perpetuated.

Mama Gee displayed her best never seen talent which makes this movie the most thrilling , real and breathtaking comic movie ever seen.
Watch video below.

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