Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Watch Short Film "DARE", Features KC Ejelonu

Produced by KOINONIA Entertainment, "Dare" revolves around Subomi Hughes (Ejelonu), a successful career accountant who has her life in front of her.

Thrown into the uncertainty of her new odyssey as a political newbie, Subomi would be confronted by all the notorious challenges in politics such as blackmail, violence and a politically hostile political environment.

Speaking about his inspiration for the movie, Tolu Toluwase, popularly known as TOLUccI, said the movie is not just about adding his voice to a cliché call, but inspiring a new generation.

He said: "As a gospel musician/Producer & cinematographer focused on young people, and based on my years of interaction and counselling a wide spectrum of them on our multi-city concert tour platform – MASS, I felt that strong need to inspire them to begin to step out and take responsibility for Nigeria and Africa's next level of leadership right from their local communities."
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