Friday, 8 March 2019

New Movie Alert: Judith Audu's feature film 'THE FAMILY'

A Family comes together after many years in the midst of so many secrets, everyone is scared of being exposed, the parents have a 30 years old secret, the first son is struggling with his own secret that may destroy his marriage, the 2nd son also has a situation he tries so hard to hide. 
With everyone being so careful and acting like all is fine, how long can they keep their cool, what happens when all the secrets are let out, will the family survive the hit?
The movie was made by Judith Audu Productions for Rok Studios, it will be available on ROK TV and Iroko TV before the second quarter of the year. She promises it will be a movie everyone can relate with and believes the viewers will enjoy watching the film as the story is very relatable and the actors gave their best shot to make it very believable and natural. 


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