Friday, 12 June 2015


John Attah has released the trailer to his highly anticipated short movie 'TRAPPED'. 

Hector (Ben Okoma) is caged in substance abuse, races to abandon the lifestyle that is set to sink everything that matters to him, including his abused detective lover, Ene (Celine Ideh). Her attempt to upturn the status-quo leads to a major stand-off and series of events that would define the lives of everybody around them.

Substance abuse is a time bomb waiting to explode. It has become a global phenomenon affecting almost every country. The most commonly abused substances are cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, codeine and local gin (paraga, monkey tail, e.t.c.)

Many youths are falling into the trap of substance abuse for different reasons and the related problem are becoming more and more a public health concern and they represent one of the leading causes of illness, injury, cultism, sexual indiscretion, accidents, crime and death unfortunately, substance abuse affects not just the individual alone but those around them and the society at large.

 Written and Directed by John Attah, Produced by VIZAVI MEDIA, Cinematography by Basil Umoyo, it stars Ben Okoma, Celina Ideh and Aaron Sunday.

Watch the trailer here:

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