Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Movie Alert: Desmond Elliott and Emem Isong have released the official trailer for their upcoming movie 'One Fine Day.'

'One Fine Day' directed by Desmond Elliot, with Emem Isong as the consulting producer is set to premiere September 4, 2015 in cinemas nationwide.

The upcoming movie synopsis: Tasha and Nina are sisters who experience more than your average share of sibling rivalry which is worsened by Nina’s slightly disturbed state of mind.
When a tall, handsome stranger comes to claim Tasha’s hand in marriage, Nina’s behaviour takes a turn for the worse.
Could she be up to her tricks again or is there more to what lies beneath? Find out in this very gripping family drama.
'One Fine Day' stars top Nollywood actors Funke Akindele, Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Frederick Leonard, Benjamin Touitou, Memry Savanhu and Bimbo Peters.
Watch The Trailer Here:

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